New Zealand White

New Zealand White
New Zealand White

Ring Size H

1) Coat 40
2) Type & Weight 40
3) Colour 10
4) Condition 10
Total 100
1. COAT – Very dense, thick to the touch with enough resistance to almost resume its normal position. Not too fine and silky, harsh or wiry. Under fur fine soft and dense, interspersed thickly with decidedly heavier guard hairs.
2. TYPE AND WEIGHT – Medium length of body, broad and deep throughout with well rounded haunches, front legs to be short, straight and thick. Head bold, broad and rounded, well set in with short neck. Ears in proportion to body, well furred with rounded tips and carried evenly. Small dewlap only permissible in does. Adult Buck weight (kg 4.07-4.974(9 – 11 lb). Adult does kg 4.54-5.44(10-12 lbs). Overweight not desirable.
3. COLOUR – Bright clean and white, avoiding yellow Coats. Eyes lobe pink with good depth of colour
4. CONDITION – The flesh should be firm and solid over the entire body. Coat Should give an even glossy appearance.
FAULTS – Weak or pointed ears, narrow shoulders, long, narrow body, excessive dewlap, fur too soft or woolly
SERIOUS FAULT- Underweight.DISQUALIFICATIONS – Crooked bone, double dewlaps.


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