New Zealand Red

New Zealand Red
New Zealand Red

Ring Size E

1) Colour 45
2) Coat 30
3) Type 25
Total 100
1. COLOUR – Bright golden red or reddish gold with sheen, free from mealiness. Colour carried well down to skin. Shading slightly, lighter on the flanks and to the belly with a reddish tint. Eye circles to be white and as small as possible. Ears face and feet to match body colours.
2. COAT – Dense, harsh in texture, 1.90cm (3/4 inch) in length, lying Close to the body and with plenty of guard hairs.
3. TYPE – Head medium, full and shapely. Ears medium. Fairly broad shoulders Back slightly arched. Body of medium length and fairly broad. Straight legs with medium bone. Firm flesh. Weight kg 3.62 (81b) in Adults but TYPE, proportions and Condition to be more important than actual weight.
SMALL FAULTS – Slightly dark ear tips; few white hairs; slightly lighter ears, face or feet, white belly Colour; slightly darker tops in adults.
SERIOUS FAULTS – Heavily black laced ears; profuse black or white hairs in coat. Black ticking; snipy head; narrow shoulders; weak bone; long and narrow body; poor condition; long or soft coat, lack of guard hairs.
DISQUALIFICATIONS – Even silvering over body (as distinct from white hairs) Unduly soft coat.

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