Meissner Lop

Meissner Lop
Meissner Lop

Ring Size L

  1. Type 20
  2. Shape and Weight 20
  3. Colour 15
  4. Uniformity of Colour 15
  5. Undercolour 10
  6. Fur20
  7. Total Points 100

1) TYPE: Thickset and well rounded. Size in proportion to weight dumpy and well rounded. Head is fixed tightly to the body – no visible neck – and is short, broad, strong in the buck – a little finer in the doe. Ears – strong and well furred. Length in keeping with size of rabbit. Eyes bright and well opened – brownish black in colour. No dewlap in the buck. A small well formed one is permissable in the doe. Chest well developed, shoulders broad. Line of back slopes to a well muscled and rounded rump. Legs are strong and of medium length. Nails are black.

2) WEIGHT: kg 3.17 – 4.07 ( 7 – 9lb)
3) COLOUR: Intense black – brilliant and even, belly colour is also black but more matt.
4) UNDERCOLOUR: The Undercolour is of a deep blue shade with a limit of a black band of about .06cm (1/4inch)
5) FUR: Dense silky and lustrous. Guard hairs long, strong and glossy
FAULTS: Not thickset – not well rounded. Lack of briliance in coat. Fur rusty.
DISQUALIFYING FAULTS: General aspect too snaky – too long or thin. Tufts of white hairs or too many white hairs. Very rusty in colour. Brownish or greyish patches on the coat. Eyes a colour other than brownish black. Undercolour other than brownish black. Undercolour not to standard. Non pigmented nails.

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