Rex Castor
Rex Castor

The Rex

The General Standard

1) Fur 40
4) Type 20
3) Colour 40
4) Total Points 100

Ring Size E

  1. FUR: To be approximately 1.27cm (1/2inch) in length. Fine silky texture free from harshness and wooliness, intensely dense, smooth and level over the whole body, of a lustrous sheen, firm and plush like character, devoid of projecting guard hairs.
  2. TYPE: Well proportioned and graceful carriage, the body sloping gently up to well rounded quarters set on strong hind legs, medium bone. Head bold and broad, ears erect and to be in proportion to body, dewlap should not be excessive, eyes and toenails should preferably match the body colour.
WEIGHT: Adults kg2.72 – 2.62 (6 – 8lbs) FAULTS: Narrow wedge head, drooping ears, bare pads (patches on feet being devoid of fur, but skin unbroken), thin or curly triangle white hairs on coloured coats(not to be confused with ticking on ticked varieties) lack of density, harsh, wavy wooly or curly coats, adults over or under weight. Black hairs in Blues and Lilacs. For additional faults see individual standard.

DISQUALIFICATIONS: Ill health, putty nose, white patches, crooked legs, excessive dewlap, sore pads (where skin is broken or scabbed) specked, wall or odd coloured eyes.

NB: The above is the general standard for all Smooth-coated Rex with the exception of the Smoke Pearl Rexes, details of which are given in individual list below.

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