Type… 25
Mane/Chest… 30
Coat… 25
Colour… 10
Condition… 10
Total 100
Type: The body is to be short, cobby and well rounded, the shoulders and chest broad and well filled. The hindquarters broad, deep and well rounded. Firm to the touch.
Head: The head should be bold, with good width between the eyes. The muzzle should be well developed. The head should be attached to the body with no visible neck.
Legs: Of medium length, not too fine in bone. Stance to be high enough to show full chest and mane.
Ears: Not to exceed 7.5cm(3in) in length. To be an upright open ear, well covered of good substance, but not furnished as an Angora. Ears should be well balanced with head and body.
Eyes: Bold and bright, eyes of whites to be red or blue, in all other colours as per Colour Standard.
2 MANE/CHEST The mane should be between 5-7cm (2-3 “)in length extending to a “V” at the back of the neck, falling into a fringe around the head, with longer fur on the chest to form a bib.
3 COAT The coat to be dense, of medium length, roll back and even all over, often with a finer flank line of slightly longer fur running down the length of the rabbit to tail extending in a line to the groin. Small amount of extended fur around the flanks permissible on under five months exhibits.
4 COLOUR All colours as long as they conform to a recognised colour and pattern. It is important to remember when judging colour on the Lionhead rabbit that the fur of the mane will be the undercolour in that area of the coat.
5 CONDITION The exhibit should be in a perfect health and bodily condition, free from all soiling, particularly on feet, ears and genital parts. Free from knots and mats around the mane. The coat should reflect the overall good health of the exhibit, which should appear alert and vigorous.
FAULTS A Long narrow head, pointed or weak muzzle. Narrow or long body, chopped off or undercut hindquarters, any specimen that shows raciness. Ears too long. A mane that is thin or sparse in appearance. Excessive fur on flanks.
DISQUALIFICATIONS Malocclusion, lack of mane or chest fur, furnishings on top of ears, wall eye, putty nose, incorrect coloured toenails. Adults over 1.7kg (3lb12oz) in weight.
WEIGHT: 1.36 – 1.70Kkg(3lb- 3lb 12oz

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