Tanya-tanya Perkelincian Di Malaysia

Kubika ngobrol-ngobrol dengan Yuvi Chong, hobiis kelinci di Malaysia.


Yuvi Chong:hi

KUBIKA: r u in jakarta?

Yuvi Chong: no, i am in Malaysia

KUBIKA: i have a blog https://komunitashobiiskelinci.wordpress.com/ in that blog i want to help youngster and newbie and i interview people who loves rabbit.i really appreciate if you would gave us infos about rabbit in malaysia. would you mind?

Yuvi Chong: is ok~ hope that i can give you some useful info

KUBIKA: hx a lot. i would like to ask you; in malaysia, is ther any law that forbid people to breed rabbit in their house

Yuvi Chong: no. actually rabbit is not that popular in malaysia

KUBIKA: ow. why?

Yuvi Chong: em.we like dog more? dog need to get license but not rabbit

KUBIKA: i see. what kind of rabbit is the most popular there?

Yuvi Chong: loop ear i think. looped ear rabbit

KUBIKA: in what city you can find rabbit breeder? and what kind of rabbit?

Yuvi Chong: em i dont know where to find breeder >.< but in pet shop i ask my fren ,most of the breeder have angora rabbit in their farm. the greastest amount i means

KUBIKA: are the prices of angora rabbit is also high in malaysia?

Yuvi Chong: not that high. unless is import rabbit. RM 90 for angora mix, RM 100~RM 300 for english angora. i think around 30us for angora mix, 35us$~100us$ for english angora

KUBIKA: thx sis for your patience and your infos

Yuvi Chong: you are welcome


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